We are inspired by what we hold most dear: our terroir; we have been devoted to our land and our people since 1919. 

An important part of our land is Lake Caldaro, the largest body of water in Alto Adige and a nesting area for rare bird species, including a diversity of hawks. As a homage to the land that gives so much to us, each of our labels features a hawk.


The flight of these skilled birds shows the same passion and harmony we have with nature. Our deep appreciation and value of what it offers allow us to harvest outstanding grapes to produce quality wines.


In the majestic, vigorous, and meticulous beating of their wings, we glimpsed the tenacity and commitment we devote to safeguarding the ancient traditions of this land of excellent wines.     

There is nothing like the present to take a flight into our deep blue sky, and there cannot be a future without us protecting the land.